Ana-Maria Cojocaru

Graphic Design student at ArtEZ.
Based in Arnhem, The Netherlands.
From Iasi, Romania.




Internship at Johannes Verwoerd Studio. (2023)

Graphic Design bachelors at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands.(2020-ongoing)

Beeld&Geluid institute showreel (2024)

2174:Future ruins of an Automated Past- 3D animation

2174: Future ruins of an Automated Past is a project focused on how automation and consumerist culture/ manipulation will impact the future supermarket.

Z Markt is a supermarket in the year 2174, or whatever is left of it. Automation started taking over until human staff was no longer needed and the machines targeted every thought, need or insecurity that people had. Eventually people started revolting and destroying all supermarkets and eventually abandoning them, which resulted in nature taking over these spaces. Z markt is a post dystopian, pre utopic supermarket.

X Markt is the old supermarket, although similar to supermarkets as we know them, they are older versions, cashiers were still present and automation was at the very beginning.

Therefore we are living in the era of the Y Markt. Between X and Z Markt, heading towards a dystopian future.

Music by: Claudius Heilgendorff

ReUse  Beeld&Geluid - Showreel

Modular showreels made for Beeld&Geluid using their amateur collection video archive.
In collaboration with: David Roos and Joshua Pettiti.

Abolish Hostile Architecture - Poster Series

A series of posters that exaggerate the problematic elements of hostile architecture to the point of complete uselessness with an ironic commercial approach.
Made in collaboration with Nina Kieviet

Blocks - 3D Animation and Stills

Made during my internship at Johannes Verwoerd Studio.

5 Decades of Natural Disasters in Europe - Newspaper

Over the past 50 years, the number of natural disasters in Europe kept increasing, however I feel that we keep giving less and less attention to what is happening around us.
Here is a visual representation of the data set of all natural disasters in Europe from 1972 until 2022. You can slowly see how the map gets slowly fuller by decade until it becomes illegible.

Does media exposure lead to desensitization?